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sexy, talented, earned a B.F.A. in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, funny, his porn name is Champy Palmer, can run circles around your grandma in finger painting, hates your face, considers McDonalds a food group, got 4 tattoos at one time, has been known to associate with a home town hero kinda crowd, puts sour cream on french toast, loves his WRX, is a tattoo artist that is afraid of needles, is an amazing dad and not too shabby of a husband either, wore the same hat for 5 years,has a strange flashlight obsession, has tattooed the word shit with flies around it on someone's ass, was in the same punk band 2 different times (he played drums, bass, and guitar), got checked out by other men at the nude beach, does his own silk screen prints, has experienced the elusive Heady Topper, self published comics, has never been to the statue of liberty, worked at an arcade where you could win toilet paper, thinks you would be a fool not to buy his art oh...and is really modest.